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Jul 06, 2010 at 08:26 AM

Stock Posting at UD



We have some issue in posting the production quantity from Qulaity Lot.

We have inspection lot created after production order confirmation (04). Lot is created based on the order confirmation say 10 qty.

related production order containg User status profile. in User status we have two status 1. goods movement allowed 2. goods movenet is forbidden.

While doing the production order confirmation the user status is kept at Status 1.(goods movement allowed ).. w.r.t this lot is created and the quantity is moved to the Quality stock(10 qty ). after this the production order status is changed to 2( goods movement is forbidden.).

Now the issue is when the user status of production order is 2 ie goods movement is forbidden.) we are unable to post the goods in UD. Because of the user status the stock posting is not happening.( error.:: goods movement not allowed order:XXXX)

I would like to know how the production order user status is linked here.. ( condition one : already GR is made in Production order

Condition two. stock is already in QM stock. Condition 3 : No user status in UD or lot)

How the production order user status is controlling the stock in QM lot w.r.t the production order user status.