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Jul 06, 2010 at 07:35 AM

Issue with table index


Hi All, Hope you are all well.

Strange issue here:

We have a Custom ABAP program that reads from mainly Table EKKO.

On My QAS system the program works 100%, when i do a SQL Trace (ST05) i can see in the execution plan that it is using the correct index on the Date field.

On MY Production system the very same program just runs and runs and eventually times out, in the sql Trace the execution plan shows that the index is not being used thus the long run time.

Here is the Catch: the ABAP people have looked at the program intensely and have found no problems, my QAS system is a copy of Pruduction (Syetem copy). Program runs no problem on QAS but times out on Production.

It seems that on Production the Program is not using the Index to search the table.

Please help