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Jul 06, 2010 at 07:12 AM

Populating Internal Table Data as per Dynamic Period in Selection Screen


Hello Folks,

The below query fetches a row from the table having 16 periods from tsl01 - tsl16... but need to eliminate those periods from the internal table which are not selected in the selection screen.

Lets say If the user enters 2 - 7 as period in the selection screen then from the internal table it_faglflext only tsl02 - tsl07 should have value rest should be set to null.

SELECT racct ryear rldnr rbukrs rcntr prctr drcrk

tslvt tsl01 tsl02 tsl03 tsl04 tsl05 tsl06 tsl07 tsl08

tsl09 tsl10 tsl11 tsl12 tsl13 tsl14 tsl15 tsl16

INTO TABLE it_faglflext

FROM faglflext

WHERE rbukrs IN s_coco

AND racct IN s_glac

AND rcntr IN s_coce

AND prctr IN s_prce

AND rldnr EQ s_ledg

AND ryear EQ s_fisc

AND rrcty EQ 0.