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Jul 05, 2010 at 07:44 PM

RFC_READ_TABLE results sorting


Hi all.

Does anyone know the sort criteria used by RFC_READ_TABLE?

I have a table with 5 fields and about 18000 records. The only column that i want is SITE_DESCRIPTION, and the table was generated sorted by this field. When I use RFC_READ table the results come in a illogical order. It's neither sorted by SITE_DESCRIPTION (like the table) nor by any of the other fields, like SITE_CODE. I thought that, without the "ORDER BY" clause, RFC_READ_TABLE was going to give me the results in the same order of the database table. But, although random, the result sorting is always exactly the same.

How can I get these results sorted (or at least in the same order of the table)? I cannot sort the results later on the software which is receiving them cause I don't have access to its source code. This software is SAP GRC-AC/ERM, where the results set is used as a custom attribute. It's being a big headache to the user to find what he wants in an unordered list containing 18K items.

Sorry if it's an easy question, but I'm new to SAP. 😊

Thanks in advance.