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Jul 05, 2010 at 04:02 PM

Format/Calculation Timestamp Keyfigure in Query (Web)


Hi All,

i have a timestamp keyfigure (DEC) in my is coming as '20100705175113'... in my webreport it looks like this:


1.) Is there any possibility to show the keyfigure in this format '2010-07-05 17:15:13' ?

2.) Is it possible to calculate the difference (in minutes or...) between 2 timestamps at query runtime, and how??

3.) Is there a SAP standard variable, which gives me a timestamp (current date and time) at query execution (to use in exception reporting)?

One problem: I cant use customer exit (no developer key)... but would be nice, if there is no other option than customer exit, to explain it all the same...

Thanks in advance,<deleted by Moderator>


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