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ChaRM Retrofit BW Transport SolMan 7.2 SP03 - Release Job Failure

Hi Experts,

We have upgraded from 7.1 SP10 to 7.2 SP03 in our sandbox; we have BW setup for N and N+1 Retrofit. Below is the detail issue when transport is released; I am no developer but this looks like an issue impacting only BW TRs. Unfortunately, I cannot test non-BW as ECC is not connected in sandbox for now. Let me know if you have faced a similar issue. I have already opened OSS message for this.

Issue: When putting YMMJ (NC) in “Authorized for Prod” Status, transport is released, however, there is a job failure that happens. This job failure DOES NOT stop us from importing the transport to Prod system, however it gives a red traffic light for “Retrofit Status”. This eventually gives a problem when we try to retrofit as there is no retrofit data

I found out this is a job failure on /TMWFLOW/SCMA_TRORDER_RELEASE/00.

The ST22 for this job failure showed "“The call to the function module "/TMWFLOW/TS_REFRSH_TRORDER_HDR" is incorrect:The function module interface allows you to specify only fields of a particular type under "ES_TRORDHC". The field "LS_TRORDHC" specified here is a different field type.”

It seems root cause from ST22 logs: Seems after upgrade, "/TMWFLOW/TS_REFRSH_TRORDER_HDR" has changed; Type has changed to *_S. It seems the Program “/SALM/CL_RETRO_RELEASE_BW=====CP” after upgrade is looking for a “/TMWFLOW/TRORDHC” type in FM and finds “/TMWFLOW/TRORDHC_S” resulting in mismatch.

When reading below pic, be careful as upper/lower don't align with 7.1 and 7.2

In sandbox (7.2 SP03),




You can see that the method is expect a return of without _S

Looking at above comment in code and method, I am assuming this is only impacting BW TRs.

Has anyone encountered this? Or am I loosing my mind :)

Hoping someone here can help while also waiting for SAP to reply to OSS message.



snd-nc-details.png (166.2 kB)
snd-fm.png (284.0 kB)
snd-method-call.png (255.1 kB)
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