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Jul 05, 2010 at 11:29 AM

Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon) in BOE Integration Role Import


Dear all,

I have an issue when configuring BOE integration for SAP.

Below are the list version for our system:

1.BOE version is: (XI 3.1 SP3)

2.SAP Java Connector version: (SAP JCO 2.0 for Windows server on IA 32-bit)

3.SAP BW version is:(SAP BW NW7 EHP1 SPS6) - on UNIX

This issue happen when trying to "To verify our entitlement system"

In this steps I click on the "Role Import" tab then it appear "Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)"

If we force to search, in the 3th try the user will be locked "Password logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts" and The user it self got locked in the SAP-BW. So I need to unlock the user from SU01 in SAP-BW.

I already make sure that the configuration in "Entitlement System" tab correct. I'm using CRYSTAL User ID for my configuration in Entitlement system. Bu still this issue happen, I already test in the InfoView and I can login using CRYSTAL User ID.

I can login to the SAP BW using SAP Logon with this CRYSTAL User ID.

I read from other thread:


I tried to use this, deleting the entitlement system then restarting the tomcat. But still the issue happen.

Please your help and guidance to solve our issue.

Thanks and Best Regards,