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Jul 05, 2010 at 01:12 AM

Correct DataSource to load data into 0EMPLOYEE InfoProvider.


Hi Experts,

I am implementing BW (7.0) - HCM (ECC 6.0). We are implementing functional areas such as OM, PA, PY, Leave, Time, Work Pattern Management, EHS, LSO and Comeptencies. We are implementing using standard BCT (Business Content).

The most important InfoProvider I've noticed that would be used across almost all the functional areas is 0EMPLOYEE. Now I have noted that there are a couple of Standard DataSources that load data (mostly Full Updates) into 0EMPLOYEE as below:

Techinca Name - Description

1) 0EMPLOYEE_ATTR - Employee

2) 0EMPLOYEE_0077_ATTR - Employee - additional person data

3) 0EMPLOYEE_0016_ATTR - Employee - contract elements

4) 0EMPLOYEE_0763_ATTR - Long-Term Incentives Participant Data

5) 0EMPLOYEE_ID_ATTR - Employee - personnel ID

6) 0EMPLOYEE_USER_ATTR - Employee - system user name

7) 0HR_PA_0 - Employee

8) 0EMPLOYEE_TEXT - Employee (This is not a concern)

Points to be noted are:

1) All the DataSources have PERNR (Personnel Number) in common that maps into 0EMPLOYEE (Employee Number) in BW along with various fields which makes sense.

2) Most of the InfoPackages have Full Update.

My question is... which DataSources am I supposed to use to load 0EMPLOYEE? If all the DataSources, then in which sequence should I use the DataSources during Go-Live so that it is best suited for the project? Does this also mean that the PERNR field comes from only one table in ECC so that I don't have to bother about the Full Updates in various InfoPackages for different DataSources?

Also, are there any DataSources that I might have missed for 0EMPLOYEE?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.