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Jul 04, 2010 at 03:44 PM

Script logic question


Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to BPC (and am the only one doing it here in Norway), and I'm struggling a little with script logic. What I want to do is to test if the balance for certain asset accounts is negative, and in that case, move it to a liability account and zero out the original account. I therefore created a property in the account dimension (CR_ADJ), and populated the property for the accounts in question with ADJ_1, ADJ_2, etc. depending on which account the balance should go to. In the case below, I want the balance to post to 20201 if itu2019s negative, i.e. credit, in the original account. However, no matter what I do, the (negative) balance stays firmly in the original account.

Any suggestions? Just to verify, the memberset variables are correct. The SL snippet is for now part of the default logic, but Iu2019ll move it to an include later.

Thanks a lot for you help!

Rgds Trond Valldal (SAP Norway)





*IS u201CADJ_1u201D


*IS < 0