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Jul 03, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Dynamic Safety stock calculation using coverage profile


Dear ALL,

I have configured the coverage profile using the following parameters.

Period: M

Period lengths : 3

Number of periods :1

Number of days per period :30

Target range in the first period : 90 Number of periods : 1

The same coverage profile is assigned to the Material master. While running MRP the average daily req should b calculated using the following formula

Requirements in the specified number of periods / Number of days within the total period length.

But the system is considering all the requirements that are created in the current month as well as in the previous periods. As per the parameters system should take all the requirements in the current month and devide the same by 30 but system is taking all the requirements that exists for calculating the same.

PLease help whether i need to maintain any other parameter/how should I make system to consider the requirements in the current period only.