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Jul 03, 2010 at 08:44 AM

Problem in Creating Source Files (Templates) for Original Application Files


Dear Friends,

I am trying to ccreate "Source Files (Templates) for Original Application Files" . I checked the link

I created a new DOc. type TMP with no statuses, checked in KPO, assigned no. ranges.

Created DIR & assigned the template file, checked into storage category. DIR no. 10000000390 created.

In Workstation application "DOX" in define templates for originals : doc. type: ZGA, application: DOX; language- EN; no - 01; In source doc- entered doc. type- TMP, doc. no.- 10000000390, part & version

Assigned for required source file copy" ZGA doc. type. -- Default Appl. as "DOX" workstation application.

Now created a DIR with ZGA doc. type, when clicking on originals , DOX prompted and clicking on "create with template" . TMP doc. 10000000390 template open in a new window. I edited & saved. close the MS word window. When comes to DIR, it prompted, Original was changed Do you want to save the original?.

clicked on yes.

Saved the ZGA DIR. When I saw the new ZGA DIR created it didn't capture. Where I went wrong ?


Sai Krishna