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Jul 03, 2010 at 07:05 AM

Could not find flow to be reversed in TPM10


Dear All,

Business Scenario:

A forward contract is created. This forward contract should be settled once created but the user A forgot to settle this. On maturity of this forward contract, another user has executed TPM18. Then, to close this transaction, user A realized this has not been settled. User A realized when he needs to perform TBB1.[Rightfully - TPM18 must be done after TBB1]. After TBB1, another TPM18 was carried out by User B. Note that the TBB1 and TPM18 was done in a mass and not by by transaction. So now, in GL, there is 2 transactions coming from TPM18. One of which needs to be reversed.

I have investigated and need to find some solution - why is TPM18 can be executed before TBB1? Why is it that TPM18 is allowed for 2nd time? But for now, I'm interested to reverse the transaction first - which is double in GL.

What I've done - Research and reading some OSS note on TPM18 and TPM10 eg OSS 797735:

I run TPM13 and I've selected - OTC Trans. and flows to be reversed. I can see that there are a few transactions to be reversed - ToR. When I use this transaction in TPM10 - Business Transaction to be reversed - I get the following message:

You have not selected any business transactions

Message no. TPM_TRD1026

Some of the correction notes is not applicable since we are using ECC 600.

Anyone has similar problem and manage to rectify? Thanks.