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Jul 02, 2010 at 07:36 PM

Interactive Script Editor: add answer and buttons in a question


Hi gurus,

I'm working on CRM 7.0 with Internet Explorer v7.0.6002.18005, and I'm interested on creating an "answer" in the Interactive Script Editor.

Details of the issue:

1) I am able to create questions

2) I pushed the button "add answer area" and a grey box appeared under the question text area

3) I pushed also the button "add button area" and another grey box appeared under the answer area

4) I created a button z_button that is now listed under the menu "Answer" in the repository, like other standard buttons (i.e. Yes, No, Aendrern...)

5) we could not create any standalone answer. The "create new" button just lists options as follows: field, objection, question, action, command button, script. As you can see, the system doesn't let me create any answer.

PROBLEM NUMBER 1: insert a button in my question:

I can drag this button in the grey button area, but i cannot drop it! No way at can I insert a command button in my question?

PROBLEM NUMBER 2: insert an answer in my question:

I can drag any already existing standard question (fields like Customer Name, etc) in the grey answer area, but I cannot drop it.

How can I insert an answer in my question?

Is there anybody out there that can help, please? I have no clue...I'm loosing sleep on this.

I already watched also the video [|] and I see it's possibile to do what I need.

Thank you so much,