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Jul 02, 2010 at 06:25 PM

Default ship to party in the Interaction Record


Hello experts,

We are doing a SAP CRM 7.0 Implementation for a global health care giant. I am specifically working on Account & Contact Identification and Interaction Record.

Steps being done are:

1. Confirm an account first (Say no 1)

2. Confirm one of the contacts next (Say no 3)

3. Select Ship-to from the drop down (We have four ship-to's 6,7,8 and 9). Say we confirmed ship-to number 9.

Once we hit the confirm button and complete the process we head to the Interaction Record.

In Interaction record partners it shows 1 (as Sold-to), 3 (as Contact Person) and it always shows 6 (as the confirmed Ship-to) irrespective of the ship-to number you confirm.

I checked the partner determinations and access sequences, tried different combinations of the same but it never works. It always confirms the number 6 Ship-to irrespective of the original Ship-to you confirm.

Can anybody help me on this?