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Industry Key BRSCH is not available in MDG-S Vendor like UI. Need to implement that.

Hello Guyz,

Currently we are implementing MDG-S (ver 9.0) Vendor like UI for our client. As they are already using Industry Key (BRSCH) field in the ECC, which is normally available in LFA1 table so we need to make sure that Industry is also available in MDG Vendor UI.

Issue is SAP has created Industry list UIBB available in MDG-S. That means a separate entity is created under BP data model ( BP_INDSTR & BP_INDSYS ). So now only those who are implementing BP or Supplier like UI shall be able to use the Industry list UIBB.

As of now if we see the system, Industry list UIBB configuration is only available in BS_OVP_BP and BS_OVP_SP application config.

For Vendor like UI, we are only configuring BS_OVP_SP_VL which unfortunately doesn't contain Industry list UIBB.

So now the only solution which we are following is to create a custom attribute ZBRSCH under entity BP_VENGEN and generate the data model specific structures. After this step we provide the SMT mapping for this field in the below mappings.


Please note, as we know there is already a field available in LFA1 i.e BRSCH, so we are only mapping ZBRSCH field to BRSCH field.

Source Structure used as -> MDG_BS_SUPPL_BP_VENGEN-ZBRSCH

Target Structure used as -> VMDS_EI_VMD_CENTRAL_DATA-BRSCH

Final Step is to make the field available in the UI.

As we know in Genil, this field is hidden, we are just customizing the field & make that available in the BOL UI.

After following these above steps, when we test the solution, Field is successfully holding the value in the staging area when the CR is created. In fact at all stages this data is available in the Staging table ( so this is as expected). The only problem is that it vanishes out when we are activating the CR.

Where does the problem lies:-

I analyzed the standard behavior and debugged it. And i came to the Class CVI_EI_ADAPTER & method FILL_VEND_CENTRAL.

If you look closely inside this method, it is actually clearing this field BRSCH because as we already know that standard expect this field to come from BP and not from some custom field.

SAP is raising 1 warning message "Field BRSCH from structure VENDOR-CENTRAL_DATA-CENTRAL-DATA is provided by the business partner"

What should I do here:-

1) Should I raise this to SAP & ask them to make available Industry List UIBB to Vendor UI

2) Should I go ahead & do an overwrite-exit of this method & comment this code to make sure Industry is not wiping out.

3) If there are any other solution, that is most welcome :-).



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  • Adding to that,

    One of my friend suggested to implement CVI_CUSTOM_MAPPER Badi. It has method MAP_BP_TO_VENDOR which does the mapping from BP to Vendor Master. But in my opinion this is only needed when we are adding custom fields to both BUT000 and LFA1 table. Anyways I implemented the BADI, but it is still not updating the Industry Key.

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3 Answers

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    Dec 08, 2016 at 03:31 AM

    Thank you Michael for your input.

    As of now I did the changes in CVI_CUSTOM_MAPPER Badi. In method MAP_BP_TO_VENDOR, I am Reading the value of Custom Field which I have Set in the parameter in the CVI_EI_ADAPTER Class.

    As of now its working.

    But thank you, I will keep this solution in my mind. If later its start creating the problem, I will better use the List UIBB for Industries.

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  • Dec 07, 2016 at 11:31 AM

    Hi Rohit,

    simply add the list UIBB for industries to the UI.

    Best regards


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  • Jan 12, 2018 at 08:38 AM

    Hi Rohit,

    We face same issue.

    MDG 8.0. Vendor Like UI

    1. Industry Key value is getting refreshed as soon as we press check button. I guess it is because there is no custom data element in FM in BP_VENGEN.

    2. Please let us know what changes u have done in CVI_CUSTOM_MAPPER Badi and CVI_EI_ADAPTER Class.

    It will be of great help.

    Check from Our side: Industry List UIBB doesnt have industry key and industry sector is for BP only, no relation ship with LFA1-BRSCH.

    Best Regards

    Puneet Gupta

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