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Jul 02, 2010 at 12:25 PM

How to retrieve 6 -7 days of Delta from Delta queue ---details inside


Hello Experts,

We have a scenario here. This is relating to DS 0UC_MTR_DOC. While extracting delta data from this DS, the Delta failed a week back (on 20-06-2010) with an error 'Code page of the receiving system not found'.

All the following loads for a week were failing with the error 'Last delta upload is not yet complete' (till 28.06.2010)

After a week when it was identified we ran the first failed Process chain (on 20.06.2010) step by clicking on the repeat Info package from the failed step.

Since then the daily Delta is running fine, but the Delta queue for the period when load failed in BW is not getting empty. It seems the Delta requests which failed for 6-7 days are never pulled even with the next Delta's.

Does anyone has faced such issues in past? Any help would be greatly appreciated and awarded too.

Best Regards