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Feb 07, 2019 at 01:52 PM

SAP PO Message Statistics/Summary


We have a requirement to provide summary message data – sender, receiver, successful message count, failed message county etc. – real time if possible. We tested two API’s, details below. One is too detailed and not recommended, the second is getting data from the performance tables and so is historical. In addition is returns stats for all messages. Not ideal. I have checked the service registry, SCN, SAP Support and Google but I can’t find anything relevant. I opened a customer message and arranged for a call with SAP Support but that was declined. SAP see this as a consulting request and not a bug. I know there must be something available but I literally checked every API published in the service registry. Looking at the URL path for the two API’s below I see they contain MDT. This is the old monitoring tool. The overview on PI Mon is perfect – I assume there must be something available there. Any suggestions please

AdapterMessageMonitoring is mentioned in SAP Note 1486734. To paraphrase. Please note that improper usage of the AdapterMessageMonitoring service can cause harm to the system, as it might slow down the overall message processing in the Adapter Engine and even cause memory consumption issues because of large result sets. The web service should furthermore not be called at high frequency (several times per minute).

MessageOverviewQuery provides summary data. The dataset returned is compact and as such would not cause any performance issues. However, it doesn’t display real time information (previous 12 hours, 7 days, 4 weeks, 12 months) and filtering is limited (date/time only). Hence if a user hits refresh at 12:45 they would only see data up to 12:00. & 1400785 - Message Overview: automatic query of data with a servlet