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Jul 02, 2010 at 07:31 AM

Xcelsius with SAP netweaver connection extremely slow when executing


Hi everybody,

I am building a quite complex Xcelsius dashboard with multiple connections and many components with individual mappings.

My initial load time is now around 5 minutes (the netweaver portal loading icon) and the initialization is around 1 minute (the Xcelsius initialization icon). When I check the BI statistics using &profiling=x in the end of the URL I can see that the process "initialize item XC_DASHBOARD_ITEM_1" is causing 95% of the load time.

I read in the how to guide "how to.. build fast and efficient dash boards using the new netweaver BW integration in SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius" that the swf should be cached on the SAP system when using SAP netweaver BI 7.0, EHP1, SP6 patch 40. I can see in our system that we are on 7.01 with SP6. However, I cannot see the patch level. The cache in the query monitor is turned on, but it seems like only queries are cached in here.

Does anyone know where I can check if the swf file is being cached on the SAP system? And do you know how to minimize the time spent on the process "initialize item XC_DASHBOARD_ITEM_1" on the JAVA and ABAP stack?

I know that I could probably remove many of my mappings and components in the dashboard to get better performance, but then I cannot build the dashboard as intended. By the way, most of my connections only retrieve data when the users are navigating, so only very few connections are refreshed before load and this is maximum 20-30 cells altogether.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,