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Dec 01, 2016 at 09:27 PM

Scripts not visible in Personas 3 SP 4


We recently updated our Personas 3 installation to Support Pack 4 in our development system. Our flavors all seem to run correctly, and they are all accessibly as expected. However, if I click on the "Scripting" button, it brings up the script editor, but it says there are no scripts available. If I edit the flavor itself and go to the script button, it shows the OnClick function calling the correct script, and it shows the other available scripts as expected, I just can't view or edit any of those scripts themselves.

Any suggestions? I am hoping to update our test system soon with this Support Pack, but I need to have this last problem resolved in development first.

The Health Check tool shows all green for the System Health, and the only non-green option in Service Health is that compression is Off on one parameter. I also compressed the undo history on the Flavor and cleared the Flavor Cache, but those didn't help.

Thanks for your input,