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Jul 02, 2010 at 05:55 AM

No more Community Days?


I wonder whatever happened to good ol' Community Days during the TechEds. Surely not everybody can afford the time or the money to attend a three day TechEd event. But a single day of mingling with co-SCNers attending a few informative and eye-opening sessions followed by a relaxed dinner is a perfect get-away from the usual grind.

Now, I dont know if it's the financial constraints that's holding SAP back from conducting a Community Day. If yes, then there are workarounds (there's always a workaround in SAP World). I wonder how much it would cost SAP to fly-in Mark Yolton, Marilyn Pratt, Craig Cmehil, Thomas Jung and a few other luminaries from the SAP world for an extra day along with arranging a quiet not-so-flashy dinner party?

Im asking this, because its a nice feeling to meet people from your ilk, whom you otherwise know only by names and probably skills. But to actually meet them in flesh and blood is a totally different experience. Yes, you might ask why SAP Community Day for this purpose? Why not just meet informally? The bummer with that is, it's not so easy. As you can see [here|Global SCN Meet in Bangalore on 22nd AUG;.

So, am I the only one who thinks that "a" Community Day is too much to ask for from a multi-billion dollar corporation?