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Jul 02, 2010 at 02:36 AM

SAP documentation for working with BExRepositorySheet?


Can someone point me to where I can find some documentation for programmatically working with the BExRepositorySheet, in particular reading from and writing to the embedded XML script within that sheet.

As I wrote in an earlier thread (BEx 7.0 -- SAPBEXqueries hidden sheet gone -- where is the data stored now?), what I'm trying to do is re-program a very elaborate Excel VBA solution we built for BEx 3.5 to automate the processing of BEx reports by reading the stored variable values in the SAPBEXqueries sheet, but with that sheet gone in BEx 7.0 now, and all that meta-data being stored in BExRepositorySheet XML script instead, I need to be pointed in the right direction as to how to work with the BExRepositorySheet in BEx 7.0.

Thank you kindly for any information.