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ME51N Containers re-sizing based on resolution

Dec 01, 2016 at 09:39 PM


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Hello Experts,

I am currently working on a flavor for purchase requisitions and am running into an issue where the line items container resizes based on resolution.

At this point when the account assignment tab is open for line item detail, it will only allow me to show three line items. However, when the Texts tab in the line item details is open it will show six line items. This is the same behaviour as the non-flavour screen which is why the client wanted to use Personas to begin with.

I have seen a couple blog posts about how Personas works well with enjoy transactions but you have to be careful. Any advice?


Andrew McGrath

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1 Answer

Tamas Hoznek
Dec 02, 2016 at 01:47 AM

Personas can handle transactions with Enjoy controls, but usually there is more difficulty handling screens built with these objects. There are a lot of controls embedded in other controls in this transaction (and others that use the same module pool, such as ME21N / ME22N / ME23N and so on). It is possible to create nice looking flavors for these screens with careful design and development though.

Keep in mind that these transactions can have some performance issues in the browser compared to more simple ones, and if you use tab merging, don't go wild because this will hamper performance even more.

If you want to change the size of various containers, this is possible via scripting but watch out for controls that are not always easy to spot. You may sometimes get some unexpected events if you start changing certain control properties, and as soon as you start modifying their size, the built-in responsive features will be deactivated. At least that's my experience.

There is a Productivity PowerPlay video in the Personas Portal about this topic.

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Thanks for the quick reply Tamas.

I believe I found the container that is cme51n.pngausing the issue, but it does not allow me to change its position...

Please see the attached screen capture.



me51n.png (74.0 kB)

Yes, there may be certain controls that don't allow all the usual changes. This depends on what the kernel or Unified Rendering provides us to customize in Personas.

If the coordinate or size fields are grayed out, then this is one of such controls.