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Feb 06, 2019 at 03:44 PM

Hybris Marketing on-Premise 1709SP01 - The BAdIs method IMP_IA_IC_UPDATE_IC_ROOT


Dear Experts,

During new contact person creation I want to check whether this person already exist in the system if exist I don't want to create new contact and want to create additional Facet for existing contact.

e.g Exiting contact : Name = ABC; Address = Street 1, 6789 Berlin, Germany; ID_ORIGIN = C4C; ID = 12345

While creating new contact I want to check ID = 12345 existing in the system if existing create additional facet

Address = Old Street 32, 9898 Muncih, Germany; ID_ORIGIN = S4; ID = 12345

I am trying to achieve this via BAdIs method IMP_IA_IC_UPDATE_IC_ROOT but I could not find any standard function module.

Do you have any idea how to achieve my requirement?

Many Thanks.

Kind Regards,