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Feb 06, 2019 at 05:50 PM

Safety days strategy not on Distribution Demand



I'm a Supply Planner & create orders to external plants based on SNP Plan in SAP P40.

Currently there is a safety days strategy of 15 working days on a certain product.

This is applied on total demand (original forecast, forecast, sales order, distribution demand ..).

Demand for (original) forecast is instable & so this is one of the reasons we set this safety days strategy.

But the reason I don't want to apply safety days strategy on distribution demand is because this is a fixed demand & we don't want to receive this stock in our warehouse 15 working days before the actual demand. I want to have this in stock in the week of actual distribution demand.

How can I apply safety days strategy on original forecast, forecast & sales orders only? Taking into account distribution demand needs to come in in week of actual demand as well. So that demand can't be ignored.