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Feb 05, 2019 at 07:07 PM

Limit / minify IDoc data that is transmitted from ERP --> C4C

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Dear all,

not sure if this is a non-issue in reality but here it goes: We were made aware that our integration from ERP --> CPI --> C4C produces a significant amount of traffic (we monitor our web proxy for traffic peaks). Just looking at outbound (out of ERP) the traffic last month was about 190 GB with about 600.000 IDocs created and sent.

I give you that this are quite big numbers of created IDocs, but even then, one IDoc would approx account for 300 KB of data, when all the numbers are true.

After some digging I'm quite confident that at least to some extend this seems have to do with IDocs that are sent full-fledged. E.G. a specific MATMAS_CFS does have hundred E1MVEGM segments under dozens of E1MARCM segments.

I'm pretty sure C4C does not need all those information to work.

My questions are:

  1. Is there (and did we miss) an opportunity to minify / strip down the IDocs ERP --> CPI --> C4C
  2. Are there any tips / best practices to further reduce traffic for ERP --> CPI (being related to C4C or in general) e.g. using compression and if so, how are your experiences with it

Many thanks and kind regards