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Jun 30, 2010 at 10:51 PM

Clearing customer document F-32


Hello Friends, Could you please give me a hand with this issue?

I have a problem in F-32.

I cannot clear open item sales documents that have Reason for rejection, it means the sales document has the field VBRP-ABGRU filled.

The error below occurs:

SD document XXXXXX is not in the database or has been archived

Message no. V1302


This message is issued if no document header (VBAK) can be found

(discrepancies in R/3) for a sales requirement single record.

System Response

In the initial sales order supply, the following error message

appears 'Document xxxxxx not available' V1 302.


If an error occurs in initial data supply in APO, discrepancies have

occurred between the requirements and sales documents in R/3. This

discrepance can be corrected in R/3 using report SDRQCR21.

The sales document is in the database, but it is rejected with a reason for rejection. Although It is not possible to clear the open documents and we can not continue with the process.

I have looked for SAP notes but I have not found any for SAP ECC 6.0.

I really apreciate your help,

Thank you.