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Collective Orders vs Phantom Assembly

Dec 01, 2016 at 07:55 PM


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Can someone tell me the pros and cons of both collective orders and phantom assembly? We have semi-finished goods which are not produced to stock but are used in the manufacture of a finished good.

Am leaning towards phantom assembly as it is a simpler order network and all costs/variances appear against the finished good



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1 Answer



Please take a look of the below described scenarios on Collective Orders & Phantom Assmebly

Collective Orders Settings

With Special Procurement Key -52 , you are able to create the Collective Orders.

Since suborder material is directly produced, when confirm the "suborder", the produced qty will issued automatically to "superior order".

There is no separate goods issue is needed for superior order in collective order structure.

After confirming the suborder, u can confirm the superior order, and make GR for finished product.

For above process "Collective order with goods movements" check box should be activated for Order type at OPJH

No special setting is required

What is a phantom item & how is it used?

Phantom items are typically used in multilevel 'Bill of Materials' (BOM), where a single row of a phantom item serves the purpose of an entire

sub-tree. These items do not exist in the inventory.

They are designed to be used in situations where several BOMs would have the same basic components. Instead of having to enter the same multiple rows into the BOM, 1 row with the phantom item can be used.

A practical application of a phantom item would be, for example, a basic cake mix for a bakery. This basic recipe plus additional items is used for a variety of different cakes.

Hope, this will be some useful info , for your question, kindly let me know, your comments/feedback

Thanks & Regards : Raja Sekhara Reddy B

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