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Feb 04, 2019 at 01:20 PM

​Getting 500 invalid colname-while calling a hana proc with 2 tabletypes as input parameter in xsjs


Getting 500 invalid column name : <columnnamexxxx> while calling a hana procedure with 2 tabletypes as input parameter in xsjs(webide)

stored procedure already return by using 2 tabletypes as input parameter. for ex: var qry = conn.prepareStatement("call \"\"(#localtabletype1,#localtabletype2,?)"); In localtabletype1(ID,Name,Location) and localtabletype2(DepartmentNo,DepartmentName,Designation,Salary). while calling the procedure (var qry = conn.prepareStatement("call \"\"(#localtabletype1,#localtabletype2,?)");)like this getting an error saying "500 Invalid column name:ID" in xsjs output. Kindly help me