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Jun 29, 2010 at 04:48 PM

Info idocs and request idocs



I am working in SAP BI extraction presently.

In sap bi/bw systems, data is taken out from SAP R/3 system and sent into BI/BW via Idocs.

This process is called as extraction. I know that data transfer between the SAP R/3 and BI systems happen via idocs.

But here in sap bi we have two type of idocs,

1. Request idocs ( Message type is RSRQST)

2. Info Idocs (Message type is RSINFO)

Request idocs come from BI system to R/3 and from R/3 system data is sent to BI system via Info idocs.

Please can some one give clear explanation about these request and info idocs and how technically they are different

from normal idocs.