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Jun 29, 2010 at 04:03 PM

CTBW: How to identify right Basis-DataSource for a class type/object table?


Hi experts,

we were running into a dead-end road by trying to implement a classification extractor (CTBW) for characteristic value assignments.

First of all: we know how to use CTVW very well.

Our problem is as follows:

In Project Builder we have the structure Project -> WBS-Element -> Activity -> Component (Material)

On this level we do characteristic value assignements: Extras -> Configuration -> characteristic value assignements

Afterwards we want to extract this data via CTBW to BI.

Therefore we run CTBW. As Basis DataSource we would think it is 0PS_COMPONT_ATTR.

Class Type is 300 (Variants).

Next problem is Objekt table. Then you do a search against class type 300 you find about 10 different tables for class type 300. Quite logically we did choose RESB (Reservations). However, when generating the DataSource (after assigning the characteristics) we do run into an error, saying that the Key fields from the object table won't fit to the Key Fields of the Basis DataSource.

Next attempt was to use other Object Tables from Class Type 300, like MARAT or KMAT_NST. In these cases the generation of the DataSources worked but we do not get any data (and believe me, there exists Materials respectively components that have characteristic value assignments).

Meanwhile we have experimented a lot by mixing various Basis DataSources (like 0MATERIAL_ATTR) with Object Tables form Class Type 300, but we either run into the generation error or zero records in extraction.

FInally, here is my question: Does anyone else do characteristic value assignments and do simultaneously extraction to BW ?

If yes, how did you configure it. I also supsect that there has to configure s.t.h in addition in order to be able to get records thru CTBW, but I don't know what ?

Any ideas, assumptions or proposals are well appreciated.