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Jun 29, 2010 at 02:23 PM

In BPS Manual Planning, Excel 2007 window takes focus away from SAP GUI


We have a planning folder set up with multiple input layouts. Users with Excel 2007 are having issues displaying and switching layouts within the folder. When the user goes into the folder, an Excel window opens external to the SAP GUI window. The Excel window is given focus over the GUI window - so the user has to switch back to the SAP GUI window to see the planning layout. Then when they want to switch to a different layout within the same folder, the external Excel window is closed and reopened and again. Again, focus changes to the external Excel window so that the user has to switch back to the SAP GUI window.

We did not experience this behavior with Excel 2003.

Has any one else had this issue with Excel 2007? Did you find a way to resolve it? If so, how? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.