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Jun 29, 2010 at 09:04 AM

TO Read the data from the I/P payload of the proxy


I want to know is there any function module or report available to read the data from the

payload of the proxy. As we can see the data in the input payload for the prticular

message in sxmb_moni tcode.Is there any table where this data will be stored.

And also I have to update one Ztable with XML Message ID,Sender Interface Namespace,

Sender Interface Name as and when this proxy is triggered. For this I will have to implement the

class for the interface in the sproxy tcode and in this implementation i will update this

ztable but my problem is how will i get this values there.

In debugging I found one report rsxmb_display_msg_vers_new is submitted in sxmb_moni to show ll these details but

looking specially foe the paylod data.

Your help is highly appreciated.