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Former Member
Jun 29, 2010 at 07:21 AM

Interest account determination - OBV1


Hello Gurus,

I am configuring Item Interest Calculation for the first time.

I configred the following settings...

OB46 u2013 Interest Settlement Calculation Type

Int Calc. Type

P u2013 calculate interest based on line items.

OB82 u2013 Interest Terms

OBAC u2013 Define Reference Interest Rates

OB83 u2013 Enter the Reference Interest Rates Value

OB81 u2013 Define Time Dependent Terms

OBV1 u2013 Prepare Interest on Arrears Calculation

Now when I calculate through displays hte form and shows that some interest is calculated.

After pressing F3 (back)...the page shows an error "Posting specifications not found".

Please suggest the OBV1 configuration (although I have maintained).