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Jun 28, 2010 at 11:27 PM

MRS 7.0 - MultiResource Scheduling



I am trying to set up MRS 7.0 and have gone through and done the configuration guide step by step. I am trying to set it up for PM/CS scenarios, with forward integration (no feedback from MRS to PM/CS orders), no splits, no qualifications in either HR or MRS, no authorization checks, no workflow and no optimizer. I want to get MRS to work for this simple scenario and then scale up the complexity step by step. I am using HR resources and am trying to do all the transactions within the SAP GUI. I am not using

I am not able to get some of the transactions working. The following come with the message that the transaction do not exist



These transactions short dump (Error analysis is the same for both the T codes)



Error Analysis:

Order worklist fields are inconsistent; error: "OBJECT-" expected, not "


Technical information about the message:

Message class....... "/MRSS/SGU"

Number.............. 899

Variable 1.......... ""OBJECT-" expected, not "CRMT_OBJECT_""

Standard SAP worklist has not been modified.

Resource Planning node and evaluation path has been maintained as suggested in the config guide.

HR work center and Logistics work center (via T code PO01) has been maintained.

Would appreciate if you could help me out get past the hurdles I am facing.