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Former Member
Jun 28, 2010 at 08:48 PM

Downpayment in Fixed Assets


Hi all,

I have a doubt about downpayment procedure in FA. We have created a note item as a downpayment in a vendor.

This vendor has a PO assigned to a WBS element which is assigned to a asset under construction. When we run the WBS Settlement this donpayment was posted to the Asset under construction with transaction type 180 (Downpayment). This was in May.

In june the user realize that this note item (Downpayment) was wrongly posted to this place, it will never be paid. They are waiting the invoice to be posted and pay.

The user cancelled the downpayment with FB08. But when we are nunnig the settlement of the WBS in june no reversal is poted in FA with transaction type 181.

What is missed or wrong to post the cancellation of the downpayment into the Asset under construction? What is wrong in the scenario?

Thanks for your kind help.