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Jun 28, 2010 at 06:18 PM

Batch job abended due to high load


Hi all,

As USA year end is coming we have asked to tune the system to suatain the heavy load in R/3. We have the scenario where 90 % of the users are from Portal will access the date or submit the timesheet which will process on backend system R/3.

The below are the paremeters we have tuned in R/3 .

Parameters Current value New value

rdisp/tm_max_no 5000 1500

rdisp/max_gateways 1000 5000

gw/max_sys 2000 5000

gw/max_conn 2000 5000

rdisp/max_arq 2000 10000

rdisp/wp_ca_blk_no 3000 5500

rdisp/appc_ca_blk_no 2000 5500

gw/max_overflow_size 40,000,000 500,000,000

rdisp/max_comm_entries 4000 10000.

Since 14 days these profile settings are working fine and daily delta batch run running successfully , now as a part of Year end full batch run was scheduled and we ran in to issues where shortdump is giving "Maximum no of gateway [5000] connections reached and in System logs showing maximum no of 500 connections reached.

Delta load have very low objects to process compare to Full load .

We have revert the profile to the old values and observed full batch went successfully.

We have observed there are nealry 2000 Internal gateway connections are made from one apps where Batch was executing .

When we have the abend the system profile rdisp/tm_max_no is at 1500 and gw/Max_conn is at 5000 on all apps servers for year end , i am suspecting since rdisp_tm_max_no is 1500 after gateway reached more than 1500 active connections apps server is not allowing any new connections and got abended.

The reverted values are rdisp/tm_max_no is 5000 and gw/max_conn is 2000 where full batch went successfully .

Does gw_max_conn depends on rdisp/tm_max_no ? means if gateway active connections reached more than allowed connections system will abend the program and not allow any new connections?...

Please suggest.....

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