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Feb 01, 2019 at 07:36 AM

IDoc: Inbound IDoc with external numbering


Hi all,

I have a question about inbound IDoc: we receive some IDocs from an external system. These IDocs contain an IDoc number that we want to keep as it is. So, it means that the internal number automatically generated by SAP has to be replaced by the external number from the received IDoc.

We tried to add 2 enhancements:

- In include MSED7F03, in form IDOC_BUILD_FROM_TREE: we record the external number and export it (EXPORT... TO MEMORY ID...).

- In include LEDI1F09, in form F09_DOCUMENT_NUMBER_GET (after function module NUMBER_GET_NEXT): we retrieve the external number (IMPORT... FROM MEMORY ID...) and apply the retrieved value to the field DOCNUM.

It seems to work when we test inbound IDoc by using t-code WE19. But, when we receive IDoc from the external system (without any human/manual action), the 2 enhancements do not seem to be triggered...

So, my questions are:

- Is it possible to apply external numbering to inbound IDoc?

- If yes, how can we do that? With some coding? With some customizing? Both?

- Do you have some other ideas to perform this kind of functionality?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Have a nice day.