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Jun 28, 2010 at 03:42 PM

Recalled items reported incorrectly to collection agency


Hi there,

We recently upgraded our system to ECC 6.0 in the month of February 2010. We have a problem with recalled items.

Issue description: Open items are submitted (Transaction: FP03M)to collection agency 'X' by the dunning activity when they reach a certain dunning level. After a 60 day period, the uncollected items (at colleciton agency) are recalled back (Transaction FPCI) to the organization from the collection agency 'X'. The recalled items are written-off 5 days later (Transaction FP04M). This write-off process creates a) Statistical Write-off and b) Write-Off receivable items. The Statistical Write-off items are submitted to a different collection agency 'Y' (Transaction FP03M). Later, the business users reverse these items (Statistical write-off and write-off receivables items) to make corrections/adjustments on them. When the users reverse these items the updates ( reversals, resets, payments etc.) on these items should be sent to collection agency 'Y' and not to collection agency 'X' because they have been recalled from this agency. But the updates are being sent to both the collection agencies (X and Y). With the updates sent to collection agency 'X' after recall, there is mis-matching balances between our organization and collection agency 'X'.

Has anyone come across this problem? Anyone there to help me out? Any clues/suggestions are welcome and appreciated.