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Jan 30, 2019 at 06:10 PM

Complex landscape management with ChaRM


Hello SAP experts,

We are dealing with a complex problem with our transport management tool ChaRM.

We have two line of ECC 6 EHP7:

Maintenance line: DKE ==> RKE ==> QKE ==> PKE (already in a charm project)

Project line: EKE:100 ==> JKE:100 ==> SKE:200 ==>ZKE:800 (virtual prod)

==> SKE:100

==> CKE:100

When attempting to configure ChaRM in project line, I wanted to create a project with the Following line:

EKE ==> JKE:100 ==> SKE:200 ==> DKE:100 ==> RKE:100 ==> QKE:100 ==> PKE:800

But I couldn't because the maintenance line has already a charm project (it seems that SAP has locked this functionality read that in a SAP note) so I created a charm project with the line

Project line: EKE:100 ==> JKE:100 ==> SKE:200 ==>ZKE:800 (virtual prod)

==> SKE:100 ==> DKE:100

==> CKE:100

But after a merge in the maintenance line, I Don't know how to integrate the whole project bundle with ChaRM and import it in RKE, QKE, and PKE? Should I setup cCTS to be able to integrate EKEK TRs in DKE system? Or there is another way to do this?

Also, all the TRS on project line are still modifiable, so I can unassign and reassign tickets and TRs if possible.

Another question:

There is another project B which has another project phases started. we don't know if it is a best way to start this project B on project line or in maintenance line, because there are 2 teams, both of projects have différents phases, and if we retrofit project B on A, we must do NRT and so on. from your point of view, where should we start the second project, and how can we setup the second project in ChaRM?

Thank you very much for your help.