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Jun 28, 2010 at 04:25 AM

Issue in TM without payroll integration Abs. quota updation



In my client place, I got an Issue on Time management.The issue is At my client place TM is not integrated with payroll.So only infotype 2001 and 2006 is maintained to keep track of the absences and quota

deductions.But the issue is

An employee joined in 21st sept. 2009.He took a sick leave in 21st Dec. 2009.The company SL quota is 7 days from 1st jun. 2009 to 31st dec. 2009. But in PA30 in infotype 2001 the leave was maintained.But that was not updated in infotype 2006. To slove this I run the report i.e RPTQTA00, there also I'm not able to get the quota updation. Can u plz suggest me what are the other ways to resolve the issue?I'm waiting for yr support.