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Jun 28, 2010 at 01:28 AM

Return Order line item Quantity becomes zero in CRM after replication


Hello Everyone,

We have Returns Order scenario where a return order can be created in both systems ( Scenario A).

When we create a Return order in ECC with only one line item, then after replication in CRM the Order line item has zero quantity. Strangely if we have more then 1 line items then we don't face this issue. Further we debugged it and finds the Quantity is existing for the line item in BDOC and also after debugging the Queue, till the Order save BADI, we can see the Quantity in ET_SCHEDLIN_I in CRM_ORDER_READ, which we call in ORDER save BADI to see the values for qty. But strangly SAP CRM looses this quantity and saves the order with zero quantity.

Has anyone face this issue? Any suggestions or sap note recommendations is highly appreciated

( We are on SAP CRM 2007 SP 14)


Dipender Singh