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Feb 05, 2019 at 08:15 AM

TimedTrigger causing HANA memory management issues


Hi, We have a used the TimedTrigger UI element in a Web Dynpro Application for a few years, refreshing a report for our users automatically on a regular basis. This has worked very well for us until recently when we had HANA memory management issues. Initially our Basis team managed this by monitoring the garbage collector and clearing up memory regularly. This was not sustainable, however, and after a while we had to turn off the TimedTrigger.

I'd like to get this back up and running for the next time the report is needed so I'm looking for advice on how I might do this. I know, however, that this may not be possible. We have a large number of users using the report over a few days and the report was refreshing regularly - say every 20 seconds. Since starting to look at this again I've noticed the following in the help for the TimedTrigger UI element:

"you should only use this option if the number of clients is small"

Can anyone offer me any advice on this?

Thanks, Malcolm.