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Jun 26, 2010 at 03:07 PM

HR tables nightmare


Hi Friends/Experts,

This is really a silly question from my "Global security implementation Project"

An issue came up:

How do we access the infotypes in a role , list the infotypes with description for that role

Now this is what I did

1. SE16 - AGR-1251 gives the ouput , filtered by keyword infty and infoty got the list

2. pulled all the infotyes being used in the HR system with its description

3. wrote a lookup to get the infotype and its description specific to that role

Now the fun part is :

the AGR-1251 does not expand the ranges for infotypes having from(LOW) and to(HIGH) value

so i missed out on many infotypes in range, manual entry is not an acceptable path or solution.

Simple question with no answer available so far is

how do you expand the From and to value to get all the infotypes in range in the role?

example below(part of AGR_1251) the low and high column is what I am talking about


INFTY 105 G O 47

INFTY 167 171 G O 47

INFTY 194 195 G O 47

INFTY 207 210 G O 47

INFTY 377 378 G O 47

My input is what you entered in role is what you get, anyone with a different approach or idea