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Jun 26, 2010 at 02:08 PM

Excel upload from Iview


Hello all,

I have a scenario where the business upload their own excel files (with multiple tabs) through SAP Portal Iview.

Today, after uploading these datas, the client use a specific developement to "prepare" datas before putting it in MDIS repositories. Indeed, it seems it was to complicate to put directly the file in MDIS for MDM loading.

Now, they want something standard process, which can monitor from the upload to the end of the loading in MDM.

I would like to propose to use DQM add-on thru enrichment controller in order to eliminate specific development and clean datas. What do you think about that ? Or is there an easier way to upload a multiple tab excel file to MDM ? SAP PI can be a solution no ?

Better solution could be : uploadin form iview -> DQM -> PI - MDM ?

For the DQM, what do i need ? All Data services suite ? Do you have some documentation on it plz ?

Thank you.