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Jun 26, 2010 at 03:45 AM

Incremental refresh of material master tables


I want to pull data from following material master tables into an Oracle database on a daily basis. I am looking into an incremental refresh. Mara table will be the driving table. It has two fields ersda (creation date) and laeda (date of last change). I want to make use of these fields to decide what was added/changes since my last refresh. I will the take all the MATNR (material numbers) from MARA table corresponding to incremental change and then join with MARC table to get MARC information; join with MARD to get incremental changes for MARD etc. Will this approach work.

I am new to MM, If someone adds or modified a row in any of the tables below, will creation date or date of last change be updated in MARA table. Really appreciate your input.

Sr. No. SAP Tables for Material Masters Table Descriptions

1 MARA General Material Data

2 MARC Plant Data for Material

3 MARD Storage Location Data for Material

4 MARM Units of Measure for Material

5 MBEW Material Valuation

6 MLAN Tax Classification for Material

7 MVKE Sales Data for Material

8 MLGN Material Data for Each Warehouse Number

9 MLGT Material Data for Each Storage Type

10 MKAL Production Versions of Material

11 MEAN International Article Numbers (EANs) for Material

12 MAEX Material Master: Legal Control

13 MAKT Material Descriptions

14 QMAT Inspection type - material parameters