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Feb 04, 2019 at 02:23 PM

Cancelled down payments (milestone billings) appear on final invoice


We use milestone billings(billing type FAZ) on our sales contracts.

We create the billing document (VF04) for the down payment (creating a noted item in FI) and receive payment from the customer (transaction F-29) against the request.

Occasionally we have to refund the down payment temporarily (delay in delivery), so we reset the clearing document (FBRA) and cancel the billing document (VF11).

When we re-invoice that line item, receive payment and create a final invoice (document type F2), the final invoice shows all down payments - even those which were refunded and cancelled.

I believe this is an issue in our SD configuration (I am a FICO specialist) but am unsure what to look at.

Please help. I have all the steps and screen shots in a word document if that will help.