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Jun 25, 2010 at 09:08 PM

Palletization for loading trucks - to be managed by SAP


Hello experts,

We have a requirement as below.I need some suggestion on how SAP supports the following business process.Has anyone come across this business scenario? Has anyone implemented this in SAP?

Scenario -

Orders are taken and dropped into an external system XXX currently.XXX groups the orders into stops and assigns a route (trailer) to the orders. If an order is bigger than can fit on a trailer, then it is broken into two orders.The orders are then sent to YYY system where they run a "Truck Load Sheet".They currently have two options when running this sheet. The first allows

them to completely cube out each pallet on a trailer regardless of the stops (this option is rarely used). The second option tries to logically group materials and may result in partially full pallets, but optimizes the drivers ability to deliver the products.

Once they run this "Truck Load Sheet" they do some manual calculations (add 50 for the space the pallets take up and divide by 10).If they don't like the results of this calculation they have to manually start over and rerun for a different cube size (the example they used was running it first at 44 cubes and then rerunning it at 50 cubes). This is painful for them and would prefer to have an easier way to rerun the cube calculation.YYY generates a manifest that is actually a pallet map of the truck

that the driver uses to help deliver products.

Can this whole busyness process be supported by SAP.If so, Can anyone elaborate on how to proceed? any recommendations or suggestions?

Thanks for your time and help in advance