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Work Center Formula

Dear SAP Gurus,

I have a formula in my work center like this:

Quantity x Order Quantity / (7/10) / 314000

Quantity is in Days, Order quantity in Kg.

The activity is costed at 334,89 u20AC a day.

When I am going to test the formula in the work center for 15000Kg and 30 Days, the system gives me 685,620 u20AC:

30 x 15000 x (7/10) / 314000 x 334,89 = 685,620 u20AC, so far so good.

The problem comes in the operation of the routing in the production order because:

30 x 15000 x (7/10) / 314000 = 2,05 Days

This value goes to the confirmation of the operation but I want to confirm 30 Days and not 2,5 Days!

Why is this happen?

Thanks in advamce,

Adelmo Silva

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1 Answer

  • Jun 25, 2010 at 04:58 PM

    Dear ,

    Couple of check for you :

    1.Check you ahve proper Standard Vaules in the Work Centre Basic data tab

    2.Did you have Formula Key correctly placed in the work Centre Scheduling and Capcity Tab ?

    3.Did you have Valid Axtivity Type ass per KP26/KP27 are in place in Costing tab -Work Centre with proper valaididty date .This Activity type is linked with cost centre as well as Fonula Key .

    4.What is alternative unit of measure maintained in Material master ?

    If you look into the Calcualtion in both cases , Your activity rate : 334,89 u20AC a day is not considerd in calcualtion at production order level. Activity Type is missed out in the Routing -Operation through Woork Centre .

    Basically , if you have valid Activity type which contains the Rate (KP26/KP27) , then operation hrs are calcualred based on the Formula Key which u have assinged in the Scheuling or capacity tab in the work centre .This actuvity type should be assinged in the Costing Tab along with Formula Key .

    Check this points and come back .



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    • Dear ,

      What about Standrad Value Key in Work Centre ?

      Generally , you should have Standard Value Key -Set up /Labour/Machine with UOM at Work Cnetre Basic View .Now , this Standard values key uses the Formula Key and Formula Parameters .Formula key Like Setup-SAP001 , Machine -SAP002,Labour -SAP003 should be assinged to the Scheduling and Capacity Tab .If you have your own Forumula key as posted by earlier for Standard Value Key , then you have to assing the same in Scheduling Tab/Capa Tab .

      In costing view , if you have Formula Key with proper activity type but with out standard Vaule Key , then Operation hrs will not be calcualted correctly .

      So please keep trak on Standrda Value Key-Formula Key and Activity Type in Work Centre

      Test in sand box and compare with a standard Work Centre Set up , i think this can be solved .