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Jun 25, 2010 at 09:22 AM

Quantity contract


Dear, Gurus

I know it is possible to show the Target Quantity and Order Quantity both in the Display view of my quantity contract. It is said that you have to click the update document Flow which I know I have done in copying control. But no matter how many release orders I make the only thing displaying in my contract is still the Target Quantity and I want the Order quantity to also show but it isn't. I am using Item cat Tan for my Release Order and Item Cat KMN for my Quantity Contract.

i have copied OR to ZORS (Release Order) and CQ to ZCQ.

Copying Control

Target is my Release Order Source is my quantity Contract

copying Req is 301

pos/neg quantity is +

copy schedule line is checked

copy quantity is A

Pricing Type is G

X=Update document Flow.

Please help.