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Feb 01, 2019 at 10:20 PM

Is there a way to roll up/consolidate matching data based on a column?



Please refer to the following image as I am not fully familiar with BI technical terms:

If you click on the link, the table on top is the current report i have built so far. I wanted to roll up 'April Goal' and 'May Goal' amount and keep the owner information with the one who has the highest owner percentage.

I wanted to ask if this is anyway possible. I am very new to creating a report so it took awhile for me to get to this point (the uploaded screenshot is a sample i created for this scenario) and this is the last requirement i am struggling with.

Any advice would be great.

(My last option is to export it as Excel and write a Macro script to do it, i want to see if i can manage it on BI side only.)

Thank you!